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2013 Vic Mum's High Tea

Sunday the 5th of May was Bereaved Mothers Day and in Victoria we held avery special Mothers Day Luncheon at the Beau Monde International in Doncaster. We wanted to create a really special day and connect bereaved mums together in hopes to ease the lead up to Mothers Day on the 12th of May. We also wanted to recognise them as Mums and that Mothers Day is our day too and spoil them a little. We had 6 amazing hampers donated that we gave away as door prizes. We had an amazing lolly buffet so everyone got sent home with a box full of lollies. Everyone left with a gift bag full of some very generous donations and with the help of the VIC volunteers some handmade goodies too, including a clay butterfly with their babies names on them. Everyone also got to take home a stunning cupcake donated by Baking Passion, thank you so much Giulia D'Anna for creating something so special for everyone!

We had an amazing professional photographer, Lisa Germany (, donate her time and take beautiful photos of not just the luncheon but everyone bought their PLA teddy or special teddy or keepsake and had a special professional Mothers Day photo in the courtyard with their bear or keepsake.

The highlight of the day was when we all went into the courtyard and each released our live butterflies in memory of our babies one at a time so we could all get a photo with our butterflies before they flew away. It was such a cold day though that the butterflies hung around for a long time and we were able to get some amazing and beautiful photos with them, some even placed their butterflieson their teddies and tattoos for special photos.

A Mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love she holds in her heart - Franchesca Cox

Bereaved Mothers Day Live Butterfly Release Victoria

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Baking Passion
Crabtree & Evelyn Australia
Lucas Paw Paw Ointment
Wrapped in a box
Hampers with a bite
Wines by Design
Little Big Company
Pack it in
Lindt & Sprungli
Sweet Addiction Confectionary
Lisa Germany Photography
CarlyMarie Dudley
Natures Cuppa 
Madura Tea Estates
Nerada Tea

Sarah Humphries Agency
GAIA Skin Naturals

Baci Chocolates Australia


Slim Secrets
Natralus Australia
Sweet Life Australia
LilTif "Ink"orporated

Feedback from Mum's who attended the Luncheon

"The whole day was lovely – it was calm and girly and classy and really well planned. I felt very apprehensive about going along as it was my first PLA event and my first Mother’s Day and I was grieving my first child. I really liked sitting at the table with just a few others - it made it seem less overwhelming to connect with other grieving parents that way. The butterfly release and the clay butterfly with my daughter’s name was especially touching. Having a professional photographer was great as the photos are stunning." Kate

"Leading up to the event I was a bit nervous as it was the first of it’s kind that I decided to attend. I felt very at ease on walking into the room. It was nicely decorated, and not too overwhelming. I found it really good to be in a space where everyone was happy to tell their story and listen to others." Kylie

"I walked in and couldn’t believe how beautiful the room was, the yummy lolly bar and delicious cup cakes. I loved that we could all talk freely and ask questions with out feeling strange or worried what people will think. The raffle was great and I saw it as the babies giving the parents/support person the gift and that they needed it the most. Getting those gift bags was like getting a present from our babies even though they couldn’t choose something themselves. The butterfly release was spectacular. The one thing that stands out for me is being given the clay butterfly with my 3 boys names on them. Who ever put those together did a wonderful job and I will cherish them forever. After the day I now feel happy about Mothers day coming up as I don’t have to feel like I have missed out as much, as we got to celebrate being a mum of our baby angel’s already. It won’t take all the heartache away for Mothers Day but will ease the pain and I might even be able to enjoy Mothers Day with my Son who is 4 and not dwell on the loss of my triplets. I would recommend going to the Mothers Day luncheon to anyone who has lost a baby, I was surprised that we had laughs throughout the day and were able to smile. The atmosphere in the room was amazing with a very positive and warm feel." Cassandra

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