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An angel in the book of life wrote down your baby's birth and whispered as he closed the book too beautiful for this earth.Pregnancy Loss Australia
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Resource Book

The Resource Book was written as a result of feedback received from bereaved parents who felt there was a lack of resources/guidance for them before and after the loss of their baby.

The PLA Resource Book is the only one of its kind.

In 2007 The program surveyed families across across Australia as well as holding a planning day with bereaved parents. Parents were able to share their experiences of what they wished they would have done or known.

We used this information as well as our personal journeys, skills and experience when writing this unique resource. We also researched the material available for bereaved parents as well as consulting with obstetricians, midwives, allied health professionals, bereavement counsellors and importantly bereaved parents themselves. Our resource was also reviewed by solicitor Betina Pascoe and edited by Dr Lisa Lines.

The resource book is designed to be easy to read and is inviting so parents are encouraged to read it. We are acutely aware that information can be very overwhelming at a time you never thought you would have to read such a resource.

Each section is tabbed, parents can read what they are interested in or need to know at the time about:


  • Types of loss
  • Preparing for the birth of your baby
  • Special time with your baby
  • Funeral memorial arrangements
  • The time ahead
  • Grief and coping skills
  • Keepsakes & Memories
  • For family friends 
  • Contact details
  • Resources

The resource book is also incredibly personal. Each section begins with a personal quote or story from another bereaved parent. We hope these personal words will let parents know they are not alone in this time of grief and incredible sadness.

We hope that parents find the resource book a comforting and useful resource that they can draw on when ever they may need in their own grief journey. We want the resource book to be able to be drawn upon right at the beginning and at any time in the journey ahead. The resource book is an ongoing support resource whenever it is needed and is also very helpful and useful for families and friends.

The Resource book is made available free of charge to maternity hospitals across Australia. 

It  is offered to every family who has suffered the loss of their baby with their very special bear. It will also be offered to obstetricians rooms, is available from the program direct and is an invaluable, informative & supportive resource for bereaved parents, families, friends and medical professionals. 

If you would like to help the program by ensuring these resource books reach all bereaved families please consider making a tax deductible donation. Your support will make a difference to so many bereaved families.

If you would like to purchase a resource book or buy one to donate back in memory of your baby to another family please click here 


Translated Resource Book

We realize how important bereavement support is for families and we do not want people to be disadvantaged by not being able to read English.

Please click on the links below to view our resource book in different languages.




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