Pregnancy Loss Australia
An angel in the book of life wrote down your baby's birth and whispered as he closed the book too beautiful for this earth.Pregnancy Loss Australia
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About The Program

"Pregnancy Loss Australia was formerly known as Teddy Love Club"

The orgainisation is the original bear givng program in Australia and supports parents and families who have experienced the loss of their baby at any gestation. We work directly with bereaved families to help them cope and recover after the heartbreak of pregnancy and infant loss. There is no other organisation in Australia that works so specifically with people at the very point of their loss and which stays with them, for years if necessary, as they recover and rebuild their lives.

The program provides support to bereaved families at the very beginning of their loss by the giving of a PLA teddy bear and a complete care package, something tangible to hold on to before they have to leave the hospital with such empty aching arms. By donating a Teddy Bear back tot he organisation, it gives parents a way in which to acknowledge their own baby at the same time it is a gesture of thoughtfulness and understanding for a newly bereaved parent.

Statement of Purpose

The Initial Purpose of the program is to provide bereavement support to families throughout Australia who have experienced any gestation pregnancy loss either recently or in the past. The program aims to provide continuity of support services & resources to bereaved families experiencing the loss of their baby across Australia. To help prevent emotional issues from sadness and isolation through to depression & trauma from the bereavement of pregnancy loss.


To be the leading provider of Bereavement Services


To enhance the well-being of Australian families by offering timely access to high quality products and services


Respectful – We show regard and consideration for everyone we interact with

Bold – We are courageous and we go beyond the usual limits of convention

Professional – We do things the right way or not at all

Compassionate – We demonstrate empathy and concern for the families that we work with,

Community focused – We build networks and partnerships to achieve our goals

Organisational Structure

  • The program is governed by a board of management.
  • The organisation consists of:
  • The board of management
  • A general Manager and administration officer
  • Part time contracted counsellors
  • Qualified and trained parent support workers
  • State coordinators across Australia
  • Volunteer committees throughout each state
  • National support team 


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